We are a group of people from various disciplines composed mainly of architects, but also artists, a sound engineer, a programmer and a writer. Most of us collaborate often with each other on architectural projects, and expanded here to join forces and explore various aspects of “Kumbima”.

Ajmona Hoxha

Ajmona Hoxha is an architect engaged with projects in urbanism and public space, with an interest in the social impact of architecture. Engaged since 2016 with 51N4E, a Brussel-based practice working between Brussels and Tirana, acting as a project lead for a series of projects among which, a recently awarded ‘Best European Public Space’ project of Skanderbeg Square.

Alba Caja

Alba Caja is an architect at SymbioticA, a studio specialized in architecture, urban design and sustainable development strategies. Besides other experiences, she's the creative voice within TEDx Tirana, having designed the stage from the outset. Alba's work is characterized by a creative and improvisational spirit, using simple materials to translate concepts in physical compositions with a simplistic sense of esthetics.

Dritëro Nikqi

Dritëro Nikqi is sound engineer and composer. He mainly focusses on experimental music and audio-engineering. Within this framework he has co-founded the collective Punëtori Muzikore and started the recording studio, Studio C both in Prishtina. He has been part of numerous expositions and performances, plays in different bands and has been the sound director for several documentaries and feature films.

Guust Selhorst

Guust Selhorst, is project manager for iRI shpk in Tirana and coordinates the urban design process between different institutions and clients in Albania and international design studio’s such as 51N4E, MVRDV, and XDGA. He is mostly dedicated to large and challenging projects whether it is because of the social impact and/or the structural complexity. He has been invited repeatedly in different European universities as a guest speaker.

Irida Shupo

Irida Shupo (www.iridashupo.com) is an architect graduated in Sapienza University in Rome and followed by an international master in Management of Complex Architectural Projects. After a professional experience between Rome and Amsterdam, she is now based in Tirana, where she is currently part of iRI Architecture. Displaying particular attention to the social context, she is now engaged in projects that are transforming the landscape of Tirana and nearby cities.

Andi Haviari

Andi Haviari (andi.haviari.com) is a .NET Software Architect based in Tirana, Albania with more than 10 years of experience. He currently works as a Techincal Lead for a Software Company in Tirana, Albania. During his career he has been part of many large distributed and multicultural teams, working on major projects that helped international clients automate and modernize their business operations.

Klevis Gjoni

Klevis Gjoni has more than 10 years of experience in research, media and diplomacy, he is the actual speechwriter of the Prime Minister of Albania. Former editor in chief of a national newspaper and a blog of the Albanian Diaspora, Mr. Gjoni is co-author of two history and photography books.

Pierre Escobar

Pierre Escobar is the owner of l’atelier, nomadic architecture studio, a practice based in Europe and active in the field of architecture, interiors, urbanism, public space, furniture design and research (www.latelier.work). The approach of l’atelier is deeply territorial and rooted in a belief that architecture should be based on typologies and strategies. We do not believe in style or form - instead, our approach is to understand and master the context as a foundation for content.